President and Staffs of Framecad Visited to BNBM Group for Exchange-7249-金沙


President Mark Taylor, mechanical engineer, sales and technical personnel from Framecad visited to BNBM Group for exchange On May 3rd. Tao Zheng, President of BNBM Group and Board Chairman of BNBM House, received Framecad team together with Yin Jihua, President of BNBM House.

Mr Tao expressed warmest welcome Mark Taylor and others from Framecad to BNBM Group and gratitudes to them for their attention and support to housing industry of BNBM Group. He also appealed that two sides should make full use of their advantages and achieve a further cooperation in promotion and construction of light-gauge steel structure house. Mark Taylor sent his gratitude to works done by BNBM Group and expectation for deeper cooperation with Framecad. He also highly praised achievement made by BNBM House for promotion and construction of light-gauge steel structure house. On behalf of BNBM House, Mr Yin and technical personnel exchanged experience and opinions with Framecad team for technical development and market cooperation.